Are your instruments performing at optimum performance and critical standards?

Russell Automation Inc. now offers 3rd party onsite calibration services that are available for dispatch on short notice to address critical control point instrument calibrations. This service insures less downtime and spares inventory since instruments are calibrated against our test instruments without even leaving your facility.

We specialize in:


  • Element simulation (Thermocouple and RTD)
  • Dry Block heat treat verification
  • Water Bath


  • 0-30 psi
  • 0-200 psi


  • Flow simulation
  • Inline hydro flow verification upon request

Chart recorders
Valve actuators

Russell Automation also performs quarterly and yearly calibration services on a contract basis. Russell Automation also offers instrument repair and PLC programming and support services.

Russell Automation has a large inventory of tri-clamp calibration equipment process connections for serving the food and beverage industry.

Examples include:

  • CIP supply and return temperature transmitters
  • Pasteurizer diversion temperature verification
  • Cooler temperature probes
  • Level Transmitter verification
  • Tank volume verification
  • Chart Recorder pen calibration

Make sure you have the right records prior to your next audit!

NIST traceable calibration certificates on all verifying instruments.